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Glittering and eye-catching models, Cresta Banyo

Kırali Company, which started its business life with the step it took in the furniture sector in 1980, determined the market gap in the production of bathroom accessories and toilet seat covers after 4 years and started production with the latest technology machines and its expert team. Kırali Yapı Ürünleri, which has been producing toilet seats and various bathroom accessories for only the most important sanitary ware manufacturers in Turkey and the world for 6 years, combined its experience in the furniture sector with internationally qualified designers, expert staff, modern machinery and high-tech equipment in the field of ready-made bathroom furniture in 1990. succeeded in being one of the first companies with the capability of mass production.

Today, the company, which is the manufacturer of many internationally famous designs, has also increased its quality standards with first-class materials and workmanship. Apart from all these, it has always followed an environmentally friendly way by ensuring continuity in production. The company, whose basic philosophy is to meet the expectations in the best way within the framework of conditions and standards, is frequently mentioned in the sector with this attitude. It offers its customers many different options with its two different collections and the rich designs included in its collections. It has always aimed to improve its designs with creative ideas.


Deri OSB Neighborhood, Antik Street, No: 7/A Tuzla/Istanbul



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We are open Monday – Friday – 08:00 – 18:00 excluding holidays.

Cresta Bathroom offers the most exclusive bathroom furniture with its Arte and Exelance collections.

Organized Leather Industry Zone Ç-3 / 6-7 Plot Tuzla / Istanbul

T. +90 216 394 05 07E. cresta@crestabanyo.com